The Best Movies That Will Snap You Out Of Your Breakup Funk

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Anyone who's ever had their heart broken knows that breakups ain't easy. But one of the best pick-me-ups to whatever ails us, whether it's a nasty autumn cold or heartache is a good movie. The best movies to watch after being dumped are the ones that either shed some light on whatever went down between you and your SO, make you recognize how much better life is without crappy baes bringing you down or just take your mind off of things altogether.

The best thing about these movies is that they make you realize that bad breakups happen to literally everyone and sometimes give you ways to describe how you're feeling. No matter if you’re already looking to move on from the pain, or you’re still in your sweatpants, surrounded by a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Either way, this is a great place for you to start on your journey to happiness. So grab your BFF, break out the junk food, and get comfy and watch some of the greatest movies that are sure to help get over even the realest of breakups.