Awards for the Award Shows: The Best of 2014

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler welcoming Leonardo DiCaprio to the stage Golden Globes January 2014(via)

You can come off the edge of your seat and stop holding your breath now you guys, because Awards Season 2014 is officially over.

We thought we'd be relieved, because live-blogging from the Golden Globe Awards in January straight through to the Academy Awards in March is nothing short of exhausting, but we already kind of find ourselves missing it. There's something pretty great about live-tweeting your way through an experience like that, and our hearts gave a little flutter of disappointment as soon as the lights went down on the Oscars last night.

So in the spirit of nostalgia, let's look back at all that we have conquered in the months since we first set out on our quest! Give out some awards to the award shows themselves, because hey — they've earned it.


Winners:Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
Show: The Golden Globes

We already knew they were gonna kick-ass, because they'd proven themselves at the Globes the year before, but it was still gratifying that they totally killed it. Ellen DeGeneres was great, but ultimately two is better than one, and we just have to face that. (Are you taking notes, Patton Oswalt? Because you take the prize for worst awards show host this season.) And as a bonus, we get to enjoy Tina and Amy hang out and hilariously rib celebrities next year as well…so what's  not to love


WinnerJared Leto
Show: Oscars

There are some other contenders in this category for sure, but I'm giving it to Jared because his speech for the Best Supporting Actor win for Dallas Buyers Club was so unexpected and refreshing. He managed to thank his fellow nominees, his brother, the Academy, Ellen, and his mother, while also shedding light on the AIDS crisis and encouraging LGBT youth in the Ukraine and Venezuela to make their dreams happen. Nailed it.


Winner: Jacqueline Bisset
Show: Golden Globes

While we're talking speeches, Jacqueline provided Saturday Night Live with endless fodder with her long walk to the stage, endless silence, and nonsense ramblings. Get after it, girl. You keep doing you.


Winner: John Travolta
Show: Oscars

Oh come on, you knew this was gonna be in here. Never did I laugh harder during any show this season than when John Travolta attempted to introduced Idina Menzel‘s performance of ‘Let It Go' from Frozenbut instead introduced some nonexistent human named ‘Adele Dazeem'. Never not cracking up at that.


Lupita Nyong'o wearing red Ralph Lauren cape dress at Golden Globes 2014(Photo: WENN.com)

Winner: Lupita Nyong'o
Show: Golden Globes

In all fairness, Lupita's best dressed moment should probably be a tie between all of them, but you can't beat a first impression, which was what her crimson Ralph Lauren cape dress was at the Globes. She is fashion perfection, and that was our first hint.


Pink Grammys acrobatics gif

 (GIF: Tumblr)

Winner: P!nk
Show: Grammys

Considering that most other acts out there can barely summon the energy to lip sync at award shows, there is no doubt in my mind that P!nk deserves to win in this category. I mean come on you guys, she was spinning upside down over the audience and singing! Girl was doing aerial acrobatics that I've only ever seen at Cirque du Soleil, and belting all the way through it. Respect.


Winner: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Show: Independent Spirit Awards

They're tried and true, but they're still an adorable pairing, as they proved at the Independent Spirit Awards this past weekend when Angie lovingly grabbed Brad's butt as she walked by him. Plus you don't see them at every show — they only attend the legit ones — so the excitement never wears off!


Pharrell Ryan Seacrest Grammys 2014Winner: Pharrell Williams‘ hat
Show: Grammys

I've never seen anyone come on the scene with more buzz than Pharrell's ridiculous  hat at the Grammys. Honestly you guys, it had its own Twitter account before the night was out, Arby's purchased it off him for over $40,000, and he premiered one in black at the Oscars last night! I predict a big year for old Hattie.


Winner: Cate Blanchett
Show: Screen Actors Guild Awards

When Cate started to get cut off during her best actress speech at the SAG Awards, she was having none of it, pointing out that, “Matthew McConaughey spoke about Neptune, so I think I can have five seconds.” Get it girl. And she's also been great this whole season about speaking out for women in cinema and gender stereotypes on the red carpet. The only thing she's been unfortunately silent on is the Woody Allen controversy, but hopefully she'll come around.


George Clooney joke Tina and Amy Golden Globes 2014

Winner: the George Clooney one from Gravity
Show: Golden Globes

And we've come full circle, as my favorite joke of the season came from my favorite hosts of the season. Tina and Amy dropped this gem on us at the Globes, and IT IS HILARIOUS.

“[Gravity,] the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.”

Congratulations, everyone! You made this season worth watching!