10 Adele Songs That Are Way Better Than ‘Rolling In The Deep’

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Umm… where the hell is Adele? I’ve been waiting for her to pull a Beyonce for almost five months now. I’d like to think she’s somewhere singing little lullabies to Baby Angelo, but the woman has had well enough time to plot another Grammy-winning album. So when are we going to get 23, Adele?! A person can only spin 21 so many times until they eventually find themselves standing in front of their cheating boyfriend’s car with a pocketful of stones one moment, and fleeing the scene a few broken windows later.

I’ve been crying to “Turning Tables” every night ever since I sent that (still pending) friend request to the guy next door. And weirdly enough, I think he hears me sometimes. Until I get confirmation on that, all I can do is hit replay and hope that I don’t cry myself into another Ben & Jerry’s stupor again. But enough about me and more about Adele.

Today is her birthday. So in honor of Adele turning 26 and in honor of her being the most MIA famous person ever, here are 10 not-as-popular Adele songs that are good for shower singing, crying or simply making you feel things you didn't know you could feel.

1. “Cold Shoulder”

Ever wondered if Adele could manage an upbeat tune? Because this lovelorn anthem will keep you cry-dancing ‘til tomorrow.

2. “Tired”

Keeping your cool over a bad breakup is never easy, and this song is a good one to listen play when you’re too tired to deal with the world around you.

3. “Take It All”

This song was everything! It’s like, “Screw you, good-looking douchebag! I’ll find someone with big muscles, nice hair and bedroom eyes that looks so much hotter than you! And even if I don’t, my eight cats are so much cuter and cooler to hang with than you anyways!”

4. “Hometown Glory”

This song makes me cry every time. Not because of the piano progression but because it reminds me why I’m still single.

5. “Melt My Heart To Stone”

Adele and I may both be bitter, but at least our bitterness is valid. FYI, a melted heart is painful, fellas.

6. “Make You Feel My Love”

Not all of Adele’s songs are resentful, but this one cuts too close to home and too many heartstrings at that.

7. “Right As Rain”

Adele says it best, “There ain’t no room in my bed.” Story. Of. My. Life.

8. “I'll Be Waiting”

Talk about walking down bad memory lane, Adele pulls no punches with this sassy tune.

9. “Lovesong”

When she's not busy writing songs for the wronged ex-girlfriends out there, Adele can write great nostalgic melodies like this one.

10. “Set Fire to the Rain”

I tried setting fire to the rain several times. I eventually gave up and set fire to my ex’s Xbox 360 instead. I think Adele would approve.