Bernie Sanders Dancing To Hotline Bling Is Everything I Never Knew I Needed

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Bernie Sanders Dancing to Hotline Bling Is Everything I Never Knew I Needed drake 3 w529 h352 gif

Anybody that’s ever watched even just a clip of The Ellen DeGeneres Show knows that Ellen loves to dance, and she loves to make her guests dance. It’s her thing, and I get it completely. People dancing is never NOT hilarious. Drunk people dancing is insanely funny. Sober people dancing is honestly funnier. I can’t dance to save my life, but I do it with plenty of enthusiasm in my bedroom, alone, when no one is watching (sending apologies to any neighbors who’ve possibly witnessed this. I promise I’m kind of normal.).

Ellen’s latest dance victim is Bernie Sanders, who is running for President against Hillary Clinton. Bernie is 74, and he came on Ellen’s show and showed off his sweet, sweet dance moves, without even being coaxed. He pop, locked, and dropped it (not really, but he did show off some killer moves) and my heart swelled.

Well, in the spirit of capturing the younger voting demographic, Bernie was so inspired by his appearance on Ellen that his newest campaign video shows him starring in Hotline Bling by Drake. He dances it out next to some lovely young models, and even whips out an American flag (#patriotism).

I know dance skills shouldn’t be, like, even remotely a factor in choosing who to vote for next year, but Bernie is flawless.. when his hotline bling, it really only means one thing.

(GIF: Vulture)