Benedict Cumberbatch Discusses An Early Role, I Fall Further In Love

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Benedict Cumberbatch discussing playing Stephen Hawking on BBC 2013You guys, how do I make this Benedict Cumberbatch obsession go away? It was only a few short months ago that I barely knew his name, and now any time he so much as blinks in the media I'm like OKAY COOL I'LL WRITE THAT UP and spend another forty-five minutes learning all about him on the internet.

He's just such a glorious human being, I don't understand it. Rarely is someone so talented and simultaneously so humble and open, that it makes me want to put him under a microscope and examine his inner workings so I can learn his wizard magic.

So this most recent clip that has caught my fancy is from the upcoming Stephen Hawking documentary, which features Benedict speaking about portraying Stephen during the early stages of his motor neurone disease earlier in his career, and it's really inspiring to hear the way he talks about it.

“I felt a huge onus of responsibility to get that part of his life right. It’s a terrifying prospect to have a completely functioning mind inside a body that locks you in, that keeps you stationary. One of the things I wanted to get right was to show the progression of his condition and show where the instability and fear came from.”

It really warms my heart to see how seriously Benedict took the role, and how important it was to him to portray him not only accurately, but sympathetically to his plight. It would have been easy for him to simply imitate the physicist's mannerisms and call it a day, but he really delved into his brain to understand the terror inherent in losing function in your body but not your mind. Ben was nominated for a BAFTA for the role, and even though he didn't win that, he's definitely earned the warm spot in my heart that I didn't even know I was saving for him.