Benedict Cumberbatch Is Adorably Awkward Talking About That Star Trek Shower Scene

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Benedict Cumberbatch deleted shower scene GIF from Star Trek Into DarknessDo you guys remember that clip of Benedict Cumberbatch glistening nudely in a shower that was cut from Star Trek Into Darkness? No no, it's no use sitting there and telling me that you don't, because I just saw your eyes light up when I said it. You remember it perfectly, down to exactly what you were doing when J.J. Abrams revealed it on Conan earlier this year. (I was sitting at my desk, still blissfully unaware of the important place that Bennybatch would come to fill in my heart.)

But what you might not remember about that clip is that no one's ever really asked Benedict how he felt about it. For some reason, I thought he'd commented on it at some point, but I appear to have been wrong, because he was getting real blush-y about it during an appearance of his own on Conan last night. Remember, this is the guy who won't even say the name of his fan base out loud, because he thinks the ‘bitches' part of ‘Cumberbitches' is pejorative, so you shouldn't be surprised to see him getting bashful about his shirtless torso being all over the internet.

Apparently Benedict spent months training and eating chicken to get himself bulked up for this scene, only to have J.J. casually discard it before the film went to print. And then after dicking his star over like that, he went and took the deleted scene to one of the late-night shows! Low blow, J.J., low blow. Not that I can really blame you, though, because without you throwing Benedict under the bus, as he says, we'd never have that GIF of him ominously revolving in the nude while water creased his brow. (POETRY!)

I'm also glad we talked about the expression on Benedict's face, because that needed a mention. Never has a body been bathed in a more foreboding manner.