So, Here’s A Benedict Cumberbatch Deleted Shower Scene From Star Trek

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Benedict Cumberbatch deleted shower scene GIF from Star Trek Into DarknessUm, yeah. You read that right. One of the deleted scenes from Star Trek Into Darkness involves Benedict Cumberbatch taking a shower. A DELETED SHOWER SCENE. Just to give you a heads up, that sound you're hearing right now is of offices worldwide shutting down as Cumberbitches all across the globe flee from their desks in a mass exodus, trampling each other in their hastes to get home and watch the clip in the comfort of their own candle-scented viewing rooms. The only reason I'm still here typing is that Jenni takes the incredibly wise precaution every day of stapling me to my chair. It takes a while and it wastes a hearty heap of staples, but we converse merrily about all manner of things while she's at it, and it certainly does increase my productivity!

Anyway. This clip. Guys! I think most people didn't even know it existed! The film's director, J.J. Abrams went on Conan last night to promote the movie, and he and Conan started discussing the recent controversy over the fact that in included (spoiler alert? I guess?) a shot of Alice Eve in her underoos. J.J. explains that it was intended as a brief respite from the action, and as another reminder that Chris Pine‘s character Kirk is a womanizer, but that he gets why people are upset. But then he does the best thing ever, which is to reward us with a similarly intimate shot of Benedict Cumberbatch that ended up on the cutting room floor. All I can say is, an evil shower has never looked so evil, guys. Also Benedict has a kind of ridiculous body. Am I the only person who didn't know that? My goodness. Pardon me as I spend the rest of the day twirling in my spinny chair with this video on loop.

(Image: BuzzFeed)