Video: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Adorably Uncomfortable About Steamy Sherlock Fanfiction And Fan Art

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Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock John fan art fanfiction Tumblr video

An occupational hazard of being a beloved geek star these days, as Benedict Cumberbatch has learned, is finding your characters reflected back at you through steamy fanfiction and other fan works on Tumblr. Sitting down with MTV News recently, Benedict confessed that his Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman definitely has introduced him to the fanfiction that exists… the awkward part being, all the fans want their characters to have sex.

I gotta hand it to Benedict, he doesn't really let the fan art faze him. Consider that some stars might find it invasive to have people drawing what they think you look like naked, having sex with another man, your co-worker, really. But instead, he sees the bright side of it: “I suppose my body proportions were quite flattering,” he said of one image he wouldn't mention but said you could find by Googling. “I was ripped, doing things I normally wouldn't do with my body, or have done to it.”

The best part is, fans have always had the little fantasy of their favorite actors finding the fanfic they write about them; some fanfics even start with that specific plot! So, it must be a thrill already for Sherlock fans to envision Benedict and Martin sharing these stories and drawings back and forth and going “wtf?”

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