Tom Hiddleston Replaces Benedict Cumberbatch In A Movie, Nerds Combust

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Benedict Cumberbatch attending Star Trek Into Darkness UK premiere May 2013Guys, I need some help interpreting this news, so can you all grab your nerd decoder rings and get in here? Tom Hiddleston just replaced Benedict Cumberbatch in a movie role and I'm all who what where when why about it, y'know?

The movie in question is the horror film Crimson Peak, which is currently in rewrites, to be directed by Guillermo del Toro, and already starring Jessica ChastainMia Wasikowsa, and Charlie Hunnam. (Yes, of Fifty Shades Of Grey fame.) Kinda a hard-hitting cast and crew, so what the eff, boys? Benedict apparently left the cast midway through August, so they had to scramble to replace him, and just recently selected Tom. But it makes me wonder about a lot of things — why did Benedict leave? Was he asked to go? I'm assuming not, because he's kind of the ish right now, in every way. Did he decide to leave because the movie seemed bad? That's an intriguing idea, but there's no way to know until way in the future when we start seeing trailers. Or, worst of all, was he being a douche-nozzle and just decided to screw the team over? I have to believe that's not true, because I have such a famous-stranger crush on him, but again, there's now way to know.

Also, if these two were to fight the war of human hearts, who would win? I know I personally prefer Benedict, so I'm on his team, and I feel like I always hear more news about him, but that's probably also because my ears prick up for him in a way they don't for Tom. BUT. Just because I'm not a Hiddlestoner myself (is that what they're called? because it should be) doesn't mean I'm not aware of their existence. People were all up on his portrayal of Loki in The Avengers, and Tumblr is lousy with GIFs of him being adorable, so he obviously has an epic following at his command, ready to fall upon Cumberbitches at a moment's notice.

So is this good news or bad? Or lame news or what? I need answers, nerds! Fly to my side!

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