Don’t Tell Benedict Cumberbatch, But He Forgot To Wear Pants To Accept An Award

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Benedict Cumberbatch accepting NTA award via satellite for Sherlock January 2014Please please please don't interpret this as me complaining in any way, but I'm pretty sure that Benedict Cumberbatch forgot to wear pants while accepting an award last night.

I know, I know. There's really no downside, so why am I bringing it up at all? It's like saying I have too much money to fit in my wallet, or that my genie accidentally granted me too many wishes. It's the best kind of problem to have.

But anyway, Benedict was accepting the UK National Television Award last night, for his (brilliant/amazing/glorious) work on the show Sherlockand since he couldn't be there in person on account of filming in Los Angeles currently, he accepted via satellite, saying:

“Hello from LA … I'm over the moon. I can't tell you what this means. This is a vote by the public and you are the people that have made this the success of what it is. It's a real, real, real thrill and I wish I was there to pick up the award in person.”

Annnnnd then the camera panned down to show that instead of wearing pants with his tuxedo, he was wearing burnt orange board shorts. You know, as you do in LA when you think you're being framed from the chest up.

Now clearly this was purely intentional and just a cute joke on Benedict's part, but I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see it, regardless. It's just that I was starting to get nervous that our old pal Bennybatch was putting on airs, after I saw that interview Meryl Streep gave about him staying in a separate hotel during the August: Osage County process, and I couldn't be more relieved that he's refusing to take himself seriously.

…and yeah, the whole not-wearing-pants thing certainly doesn't hurt.