Please Stay Calm, But Benedict Cumberbatch Did The Ice Bucket Challenge Naked

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in 'ooh this is getting rather fun, isn't it' GIF(via)

Okay I need to make sure you guys are sitting down, because I'm about to say something that has the potential to throw many of you into a swooning fest. Are you sitting? Good. Benedict Cumberbatch did the ALS ice bucket challenge, and — wait for it — he was nude.

I SAID SIT DOWN YOU'RE RUNNING STRAIGHT FOR THE WINDOW. Just relax your body! Let yourself go limp, or you're going to hurt yourself thrashing around in excitement.

As you may recall (but probably don't because so many goddamn celebrities have made videos at this point), Benedict was nominated for the challenge by Tom Hiddleston earlier this week (swoon). And at first it seems like he's just gonna do it normal style. Or as normally as you can do it when you're an adorable otter. He's sitting cross-legged and fully-clothed on a bench, and nominates Harvey Weinstein, Kylie Minogue, and someone else whose name he's speaking too quietly for me to hear. My headphones are on their last legs — could anyone else figure out whose name he was saying?

And then he gets the water poured on him, and he makes the face of an alien being born within a waterfall, and you think to yourself, ‘this is probably the end of the video'. BUT IT ISN'T. It's only just beginning. After that, he gets buckets of ice water dumped on him in every possible circumstance, from sitting astride a motorcycle, going to unlock his car, and yes — totes nude in the shower. You don't see his bits, but you do see his discarded clothing and underoos on the floor, so you know bits are nearby. You can sense bits.

And you see his chest muscles and abs under a clingy white shirt that's all wet and ohmy god I honestly don't know why I'm still talking just watch it already.