Benedict Cumberbatch Admires Martin Freeman’s Hobbit Feet, Women Everywhere Throw Out Their Razors

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Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman The Hobbit set 2013

Attention Cumberbitches! Have you been lamenting the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch only lends his voice to Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit trilogy and doesn't in fact appear onscreen, perhaps in a dragon costume? Then this photo of Benedict and Martin Freeman came all the way from New Zealand just for you. And by that I mean it was taken on the set of The Hobbit in New Zealand and shared on director Peter Jackson's Facebook page with the caption “Smaug admires Bilbo's feet.” The cast and crew have been finishing pick-ups for the final two films, and Pete (I feel like I've devoured enough Lord of the Rings DVD extras to call him that) has been sharing plenty of photos and videos from set. The above photo is particularly special because not only do we get a rare glimpse of Benedict on set, but it's also a nice little reunion for the stars of Sherlock.

I know that Alexis is our resident purveyor of Cumberbatchy news, but since she's not available please allow this Hobbit fan and amateur Benedict admirer to step in and share the adorableness with you. I mean, it's not him in a dragon costume, but it's pretty darn cute. Just look at the joy on Benedict's face as his fingers touch the hair of Martin's hobbit foot. Word on the street is that immediately after this photo was posted, razor sales all over the world dropped dramatically as women decided it was best to let their foot fuzz (and maybe even other fuzz) remain on their person. If that's what Benedict is into, goodbye shaving! Finally my secret desire to have hobbit feet is justified.

Also please to enjoy this other photo Pete shared of Martin (in shoes this time) waving goodbye after finishing his last shot as Bilbo Baggins. Isn't it just delightful? Don't you just want to print it out and tape it to your door so whenever you leave the house you can see Bilbo in sneakers waving goodbye to you? For the time being, I'll just use it to help me say goodbye to you as you leave this post. Farewell! Thanks for coming!

Martin Freeman The Hobbit set photo 2013

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