You Can Now Have Benedict Cumberbatch’s Face On Your Crotch In The Name Of Fashion

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You Can Now Have Benedict Cumberbatch s Face On Your Crotch In The Name Of Fashion Benedict Cumberbatch leggings Poprageous jpg

Have you ever wished upon a star or a wishbone or an eyelash that you could have Benedict Cumberbatch’s face on your crotch? Oh get your mind out of the gutter, I don’t mean it like that, ya perv. I mean walking around proudly showing off your Cumberbitch status with Benny’s photo covering your nether regions. Well, for just $80, now you can.

Clothing site Poprageous is now selling “Cumberbitch leggings” that are covered in various images of Benedict Cumberbatch. They show the leggings paired with a matching shirt, but I’m sure they’re very versatile. For example, they’d go great with… umm… give me a second… I’ll come up with something in a minute… I’m sure there’s at least one thing they would go with… like… well, you could wear… a black shirt? Yeah, I’m out of ideas. Just wear them with whatever random thing you can find in your drawer or on your floor and sit on your couch drinking wine and cheering Benedict on at the Oscars next month. Or go topless. Benedict’s cheekboney mug is all you need to keep warm.

Just to catch you up, according to E! News, Poprageous is the same site that’s previously sold Ryan Gosling leggings and a shirt covered in Kim Kardashian’s cry face. They clearly know what the people want, and they’re willing to give it to us. Now if they could just start selling replicas of the fake baby in American Sniper, my life would be complete. Are you reading this, Poprageous? You better be.

Just make sure that if you wear these leggings, you give yourself a good up-and-down in the mirror before leaving the house. You don’t want to risk anyone seeing your Benedict Cameltoe. Khloe Kardashian knows what I’m talking about.

(Photo: Poprageous)