I Hope This Rumor Is True, Because I Would Love To See Benedict Cumberbatch As A Bond Villain

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Benedict Cumberbatch Bond villain rumor Daniel Craig Bond 24 Skyfall Javier Bardem SherlockHow convenient that right as Benedict Cumberbatch‘s fanbase is raging over his loss at the Emmys, this rumor comes out about a potential new project for the Sherlock star: A British publication called Daily Express claims that Benedict is already being considered as the big villain in the next James Bond movie.

Now, “rumor” is the operative word here, since the current Bond movie Skyfall hasn't even come out yet! Sure, Daniel Craig is already signed on for “Bond 24,” but that's because he's the star. It seems unlikely that producers would already be mulling over a baddie before we've had time to properly appreciate Javier Bardem in Skyfall. But let's see what the Express‘ “inside sources” have to say…

“Benedict is considered perfect Bond villain material. Work on the next film will begin next year and the plan is for Benedict to be on board. He grew up watching Bond, so it would be a childhood ambition fulfilled. Playing a Bond villain is one of the plum roles in film history and he'd jump at the chance.”

Personally, I'd love to see Cumberbatch take on a villainous role, since most people know him as Sherlock Holmes. Other than playing The Creature in the stage production of Frankenstein and the as-yet-unnamed baddie in the Star Trek sequel, Cumberbatch has played protagonists, some more sympathetic than others. I'd love to see him more arrogant, more ruthless, trying to outsmart Bond. I especially like what MTV Movies Blog pointed out, that it could be a cool dynamic of a villain younger than Bond. (Cumberbatch is 36, while Craig is 44.) Furthermore, Screen Rant made the argument that because Skyfall is completing this Bond's origin arc that started in Casino Royale, we're gonna need a powerful villain for him to take on in “Bond 24.”

The funny thing is, some sites have been gunning for Cumberbatch to play Bond himself, with the actor saying that he “would absolutely jump at the chance to play that kind of role.” So maybe after “Bond 25” we'll see the franchise reboot itself entirely?

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