Hate To Burst Your Bubble, But Benedict Cumberbatch Got Himself A Girlfriend

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Benedict Cumberbatch laughing GIFI have terrible news, you guys. Not only does Benedict Cumberbatch apparently have a girlfriend, but A. it's not you, and B. it kind of sounds like an arranged marriage.

Before you totally freak out, I should say that this information is coming to us via a very circuitous route, so it might not be totally set in stone. It started out as a buried of a comment in a Page Six article about Rebecca Eaton, the Executive Producer of the PBS Masterpiece series, which is behind Sherlock. She made a little comment about doing some match-making with little Bennybatch, and Defamer unearthed it as the gem as it is:

“That might also explain her other job: helping British hottie Benedict Cumberbatch find a new love interest. She wouldn’t say whom the “Sherlock” actor has met, but she said it’s time for all those “Cumberbitches” — the name used by his huge base of female followers — to move on.”

Super vague, right? But aside from WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY is she, my main question is why the Executive Producer is responsible for finding the star of one of her shows a lady love. That seems odd to me.

But beyond that, yes, let's also talk about who she is, where they met, what they talk about, and why I never saw a casting call for the covetable role of ‘Real Life Girlfriend To Sherlock Holmes'. Must have a preposessing sense of self, be skilled at solving mysteries, and willing to devote hours of couch time to watching Netflix in her underwear. Only Cumberbitches need apply.

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