Benedict Cumberbatch Explains That Plot Twist At The End Of Sherlock

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Benedict Cumberbatch in video for Comic ConYou know the plot twist I'm talking about. I'm sincerely hoping that nobody clicked on this link without watching the first two seasons of BBC's Sherlock, but in case you did, this is your warning to cease and desist the reading of this post or be prepared to suffer the consequences. (Namely: being really disappointed with yourself for reading spoilers, but also a light tummy ache and sensitivity to light. You've been warned.)

Anyway, as you recall if you're up-to-date, the second season ended with Sherlock Holmes, played by birthday boy Benedict Cumberbatch committing suicide by throwing himself off a building in order to save the lives of those around him. It was really emotional for everyone, but mostly for me and John Watson, played by Martin Freeman. I got through it with a barrage of embarrassingly deep sobs and some not very ladylike face-snotting, while Watson elected to get through his grief by standing on Sherlock's grave in a glorious long shot, with fists clenched, whispering out, “Be alive” through clenched teeth. And as we pan out, we see…Sherlock is watching! So he is! He is he is he IS alive somehow! I can't imagine how he did it, because we saw his body on the pavement, but it must've happened, because they're filming season three and Benedict is there.

SO. I bet you have some questions. And Benedict has some answers! He couldn't attend San Diego Comic Con because he's ‘on holiday', but he sent in an adorable video message to explain his absence and give some spoilers for the series. Our internet's been a little weird today, though, so hopefully the video doesn't cut out or anything as he explains it. Because, oh man, it'll blow your mind.

Wasn't I right?? The whole cup of tea thing? The cabbage? Insider information. Bigtime. Hope you enjoyed the video (and Martin's hobbit-y cameo!) and I'll see you in 2014 for the new episodes.