Americans Obviously Aren’t Ready To Appreciate Benedict Cumberbatch Since He Lost To Kevin Costner

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Earlier tonight during the Emmys, presenter Aziz Ansari spoke in a British accent because he joked that it would get people to take him more seriously. And yet, no one from the Sherlock crew took home a statuette—not Steven Moffat, Martin Freeman, and (worst of all) Benedict Cumberbatch. What gives, America?!

Seriously, when I was scoping out Benedict's competition for Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie, I really didn't see anyone I thought could take him. No one watched Clive Owen play Ernest Hemingway; and I legitimately didn't think that Hatfields & McCoys had been watched by anyone but our parents, so in my mind Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner were out. The only guy I was “worried” about was Idris Elba for Luther, for sheer skill… and then as Game Change started sweeping the awards, I thought maybe Woody Harrelson would represent in this category.

But instead Benedict loses to Kevin Costner! Now, I have to admit that I never watched Hatfield & McCoys, but that's because it truly struck me as some random Western miniseries that cast a lot of talented folks but wasn't well promoted. It just came and went. It never developed the kind of fandom that Sherlock inspires; no one is saying that Costner is giving a career-defining performance here, whereas what Benedict has done with Holmes is truly transcendental and new. Would it be dickish to speculate on how it was a Western — what's more American than that — beating out an iconic British figure?

I'm really feeling for the Sherlockians who must be incredibly frustrated right now. Sure, on the one hand the show got 13 nominations and the stars got to walk the red carpet in their sharp tuxes. And yet, this loss seems a bit dismissive, a bit of a brush-off, especially because the show didn't seem to get more exposure from the awards. Where were the red carpet interviews, or more in-depth clips to be shown during the Miniseries clip show? I think that the Emmys producers could have highlighted the majorly impressive popularity of the show and the dedication of the fans. You know, as some sort of consolation.

At least Benedict has some support from Hollywood elite—right after his loss, Mindy Kaling tweeted this:

Benedict Cumberbatch Emmys Sherlock loss Mindy Kaling tweet

So, that's something.