I Accidentally Got A Crush On Benedict Cumberbatch Without Even Seeing Star Trek

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Benedict Cumberbatch Graham Norton Show interview May 2013Guys, I have a confession to make: I'm not one of those girls who's followed Benedict Cumberbatch‘s career the way I should have. Approximately twenty million people in my life have recommended that I watch the BBC's Sherlock, but there are so many other things ahead of it in my Netflix queue that I just get overwhelmed. I get that a ton of people are obsessed with him, and that I probably would be too if I'd ever seen him in anything, but I haven't and I'm not, so it was looking like I'd have to wait to see him as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness to really be on board with the Cumberbitches train. OR NOT.

Sometimes, all it takes to fall into a desperate, one-sided crush with someone is watching a few of their interviews, and that's what happened to me today. First I watched his co-stars Simon Pegg and Alice Eve gush over how amazing he was to work with and how ready he is to settle down. Alice is particularly effusive, saying that she thinks women love him so much because he gives off the vibe of ‘really wanting a family', to which Simon added, ‘whereas Chris [Pine] wants lots of families.' Ha, genius. I love it. You can watch that interview here:

And then shortly after that, still reeling from how much the Star Trek cast likes each other, I stumbled upon another gem, from an interview Benedict did on The Graham Norton Show. In it, at about the thirteen-minute-mark, Graham asks Benedict what his fan base is called, and Benedict's face does the most wonderful thing ever as he struggles with trying not to say ‘Cumberbitches'. I added the .GIF at the top of this page because I love it so much. Look how coy he gets, just like when we were trying to figure out which villain he'd be playing in the movie.

I LOVE THAT FACE. I have an insta-crush on that face. How does he do it? All he had to do was blush a little and say ‘Cumber Collective' and I'm on his team, wanting to come over to his house on Sundays and make a pot roast. The force is strong in this one. That's, uh…that's a Star Trek reference, right? I'm doing a good job being a nerd blogger? Great.

(Image: BuzzFeed)