Benedict Cumberbatch Does Eleven Celebrity Impressions In One Minute, And Obviously It’s Great

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Benedict Cumberbatch Does Eleven Celebrity Impressions In One Minute  And Obviously It s Great Benedict Cumberbatch Taylor Swift impression gif

Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in a new movie called The Imitation Game. So if he thought he’d be able to get through an entire press tour without playing a literal imitation game, he’s a very optimistic man. Naturally an interviewer challenged him to do as many celebrity impressions as possible in under a minute. And obviously that interviewer was MTV’s Josh Horowitz. Who else would it be? This is a guy who got Jon Stewart to sing a Taylor Swift song earlier this week.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, she’s one of the impressions Benedict is challenged to do. I’m sorry to say it’s his worst one, though. I think his biggest mistake was going the singing route with it. He should have just put his hands to his mouth and made a surprised expression. Otherwise his impressions were quite good, and he was able to switch between them rather quickly. He of course does his old standby Alan Rickman, and it’s wonderful as usual. But my personal favorite is the Michael Caine. Anybody doing an impression of Michael Caine is automatically my favorite.

There’s also a bit of celebrity impression Inception going on when Benedict shows off his Tom Hiddleston impression. As you may or may not know, Tom Hiddleston is quite a master of impressions himself. Looks like he’s got some competition. Now we need to see Tom imitate Benedict. Or maybe he should imitate Benedict imitating him. And then Benedict could imitate Tom imitating him imitating Tom. Or not. You know, whatever they’re comfortable with. I just want to see adorable British men acting silly. I’m not picky. I am a little disappointed that Benedict didn’t utilize the “ehehehe” in his impression, though. Every Hiddleston impression needs it, if you ask me.

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