Just Another Video That Will Make You Wish Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone Would Adopt You

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melissa mccarthy ben falone the heat premiere 2013You're never too old to get adopted. Or so I tell myself whenever I see amazingly awesome celebrity parents tell great stories about raising their children. Take Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy for example. Last night Ben went on CONAN to talk about his children. Maybe other stuff, but that's the only part I caught so I'm sticking with it. He told an incredibly endearing story about playing with his two young daughters, Vivian and Georgette. Apparently his older daughter's currently going through some kind of princess-y stage.

Personally, I never went through that stage. I played Pretty, Pretty Princess with a friend once, found it completely condescending and unrealistic (as if you can obtain a crown through a lucky dice roll) and dismissed the genre entirely. Instead of living in a fantasy land, my barbies lived fascinating lives full of divorce, late child support payments and a friend who claimed to only be able to eat gluten-free foods. Also they all shared the same husband — which definitely let to a few uncomfortable confrontation throughout the years.

However my anti-princess childhood doesn't mean I hold anything against Ben's daughter. Considering that she's the child of Melissa McCarthy (!!!) and Ben Falcone, it's not shocking that she fancies herself to be royalty. But that also doesn't mean that Ben's letting her grow up to believe that all fairy tales end when the princess finds her prince. No sirree, not that in that house. Instead he amends the endings to all her princess stories to make sure that she'll grow up to be a happy, independent woman capable of supporting herself financially.

So please watch the video below and tell me you woudln't want to be raised by Ben and Melissa.

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com)