The Ben Affleck SNL Promos Are My Favorite In A Long Time

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The Ben Affleck SNL Promos Are My Favorite In A Long Time Ben Affleck SNL promos with Bill Hader May 2013 jpgHot on the heels of Bill Hader‘s announcement that he will not be returning to Saturday Night Live next season, we’ve been given the bittersweet gift of him appearing in the final promos of the season with Ben Affleck, who is hosting the finale this weekend with musical guest Kanye West. And you guys they’re so great and adorable! I was starting to get worried that I was getting burned out by SNL promos because I wasn’t blown away by Kristen Wiig‘s for last week, but my emotions and my funny bone are alive and well and reunited, because these clips successfully gave me my jollies.

I’ve long been a vocal proponent of bloopers, so obviously my favorite is the one where Bill surprises Ben and himself by remembering that Hollywoodland was an Affleck vehicle, and they both crack up. But even if you aren’t as obsessed with goofs as I am, there’s something for everyone, like Argo puns, Ben’s Bill Hader imitation, and a brief tutorial on how to hook an audience. Spoiler alert: it involves saying Kanye’s name in a crazy voice.

These promos are also an excellent way to learn that even though Iran and the story of Argo are real, Ben’s beard is not. It’s one of those Hollywood beards you’ve heard so much about. Also, contrary to popular belief, the movies Argo and Fargo are actually not the same, and if you think that they are, even for a moment, there’s  a spot in the studio floor that will open up and swallow you into it. So try not to make that mistake.

Ben’s episode will air live this Saturday, May 18th at 11:30, and if it’s anything like the Kristen Wiig episode, people started getting in line to wait for tickets TODAY.