Ben Affleck’s Family Continues To Be Totally Normal By Hating His Argo Hair

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Ben Affleck s Family Continues To Be Totally Normal By Hating His Argo Hair ben affleck argo hair jpgPoor Ben Affleck—even though he’s got this promising new movie Argo coming out, his press tour so far has been him talking about regrets. Last week he admitted that he just wants to forget the whole year of 2003, and this weekend he ruefully admitted that the shaggy haircut he had to have for the role did not go over well at home.

“My family unanimously hated the look,” he told reporters at a recent press conference. “My dad was like, ‘What kind of work would want you to look like that?'” Of course, Argo is set during the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1981, so within that context Ben’s full head of hair makes more sense. But when a reporter joked that she didn’t mind it, he playfully shot back, “You didn’t have to kiss me!”—referring, of course, to wife Jennifer Garner‘s distaste for his in-character look.

And yet, that just makes us feel closer to the Affleck clan. Like last week when Jen joked about being a bad parent, anecdotes like these show us the family, warts and all. They don’t pretend to be impeccable Hollywood types who understand that one of the breadwinners needs to look a certain way for a role. You can imagine little Violet and Seraphina still wrinkling their noses when they have to kiss Daddy. In fact, Ben even told the reporters, “I kept trying to tell my littler kids [that this was for work, but] they would say, ‘Why can’t you shave your prickles? Shave your prickles!’” I bet even baby Sam didn’t like it.

God, I love this family.

Photo: Seskim/WENN.com