Happy 4-0 To Ben Affleck, DILF Extraordinaire

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“Are you asking about Ben Affleck's testosterone level, really? Have you seen my husband lately? He is walking testosterone!” – Jennifer Garner to Dave Letterman

I mean we all knew it, but obviously if anyone knows, it's Jen. And all the rest of us can do is envy that very intimate…oh so intimate…knowledge. Today is a big one for Ben Affleck, and I can tell you if my husband looks anywhere near this good on his 40th birthday I will be one happy lady. Sure, Ben might have let the bod go a little since his heyday, but I'll take Mr. Affleck at 40 just as much as — if not more than — him at 20.

Watching him run around with his adorable wife and quadruply adorable kids only adds to the appeal. You just know that Jennifer Garner has moments every day when she glances over and sees Ben giving Violet a kiss on top of her perfectly braided blonde hair and smiles and sighs in that loving mom way, and then thinks “Damn my husband is hot and good God I can't wait until the kids go to bed.”

If this one fails, it is officially impossible to stay together in Hollywood. Here's to hoping Ben and Jen last, and of course, that our favorite DILF has a glorious 40th.


(Photo: WENN.com)