With One Tie Of A Shirt Around His Waist, Ben Affleck Transforms Into A Total DILF

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Years ago I went on an 8th grade history field trip to see Pearl Harbor in theaters and fell in love with Ben Affleck. And then he dated Jennifer Lopez and starred in that horrible “Jenny from the Block” music video. Major buzzkill Ben, major buzzkill.

But, in a magical twist of fate,  I found this photo of him from yesterday with a shirt tied around his waist at a Fourth of July event and I fell in love with him all over again. It doesn't hurt that the photo also includes his wife Jennifer Garner and his adorable daughters Violet and Seraphina. Can anyone say top 5 Hollywood family. (Seriously, if they ever get divorced, I'll die. I'll just die. Then I'll come back to life and blog about it. And then I'll die again.)

While he's no longer a Hollywood Heartthrob, he's definitely entered the coveted DILF club. While the shirt around his waist definitely got him an invite to the group, the expensive camera gave him official “DILF of the week” status.

Who's in this exclusive club?

Chris Hemsworth is the president, Matthew McConaughey is the treasurer and Mary Anne Spier is the secretary (it's tradition). They meet once a week to discuss DILF fashion choices and the best effects for muploading Instagram photos of their children. Or so I hear. I'm not a DILF, so I can't be 100% positive about their club.

I am 100% sure though that I want to print out the photo below and put it on my dream board.

(Photos: WENN.com)