Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Got Kicked Out Of A Vegas Casino, And No, That’s Not A Movie Plot

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Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Red Carpet

In a quest to become Hollywood's most unlikely married badasses, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were escorted from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas after Ben was basically caught counting cards during a round of blackjack.  Doesn't this story kind of sound like the plot of a TNT Original Movie?  Yeah, I thought so too.  It reminds me of a cross between that “Faaahhhbulous Ali Baba Hotel and Casino” Full House episode and National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation more so than Bonnie and Clyde, but you'll have that.  So can we talk about Ben Affleck borderline breaking the law for a second?  When he's not busy being miscast in real films, he is apparently a really obvious card counter.  Great!

According to “sources”, Hard Rock security informed Ben he was considered an “advantaged player” and was no longer allowed to play blackjack at the Hard Rock. Allegedly, he was caught counting cards – which isn't illegal, but you can get thrown out of a casino and banned for life from said casino if caught/suspected.  The Hard Rock says Ben wasn't banned, but he is no longer allowed to play blackjack in their casino anymore.  They even called a car to pick Ben and Jennifer up and take them back to their own hotel, basically kicking them out.

Ben and Jennifer were supposedly on a “romantic Vegas getaway” before he starts filming the new Superman movie.  Way to go, Ben.  Your marriage is already (very publicly) on the rocks, and you go and ruin a fun weekend with your wife by being a shitty card shark (Side note: why do ridiculously rich people need to count cards? Can someone riddle me that?). Can't wait for Jen's next public appearance where she makes the rest of us squirm while sharing a story about your “Gambler's Anonymous” experience.


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