After All That, Ben Affleck Might Be Dropping Out Of Batman Vs. Superman

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Ben Affleck at UCLA Film Festival June 2013

Ben Affleck, what are you doing to us? When you first got announced as Batman in the new Batman vs. Superman reboot, did the internet not make its feelings known strongly enough for you? Was everyone really so coy and bashful about their opinions that you didn't know what they thought about the casting? I personally felt like everyone was pretty open about their naked outrage, but that must not be the case, because after all that — AFTER ALL THAT BATLASH — Ben is now threatening to drop out of the movie.

Really girl? NOW? Now that everyone's been talked off the ledge about the man who made Gigli stepping into one of their favorite franchises, that's when you get cold feet and start making noise about leaving? COME ON BEN. I feel like I just got the babies back to sleep after you came banging through the house celebrating your new role, and now you're coming through for a second pass, slamming doors and undoing all my hard work.

As of now, he hasn't officially dropped out of the movies, but there are a lot of rumors that he's heavily considering doing so, for a variety of reasons.

  1. The movie has already been delayed a full year, from 2015 to 2016, and as with any delay, this doesn't bode well for its content.
  2. As the shooting schedule gets longer, it becomes more and more likely that it will conflict with an upcoming adaptation of the book Live By Night, which Ben wants to direct in the fall.
  3. Ben has apparently been butting heads with the movie's writer, David Goyer, and feels that the script is nowhere near where he'd want it to be.

With all that taken into account, sources are saying that Ben has demanded the studio pull themselves together or find another Batman. And since Warner Bros. wants to work with Ben in the future, they've reportedly offered to let him ‘bow out gracefully', with neither side trashing each other in the media. So it's really up to Ben to decide what he wants to do.

And I'm sure he'll make the right call and everything, because in addition to Gigli, he also made Argobut I swear to god, if you get this whole house of screaming infants riled up again, I'm gonna lock that front door for good.

(Photo: Guillermo Proano / WENN.com)