Ben Affleck Totally Gets Back At His Oscar Snub By ‘Thanking The Academy’ At The Critics Choice Awards

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Ben Affleck Critics ChoiceYou know what's awkward? When celebrities go off script during award shows and get real. We're ready for the scripted banter and we're ready for the sad-but-happy-for-the-other-person-because-the-camera-is-watching face. But we're rarely prepared for a celebrity who goes rogue. However that didn't stop Ben Affleck from getting back at the Academy Awards snub for best director by giving a long rambling speech, complete with a quality backhanded compliment toward the Critics Choice Awards.

Earlier today I was all sad for him because I like Argo and I like Ben Affleck and I felt bad that he didn't get the nomination that everyone thought he would 100% get. Then he got up on stage for his acceptance speech and started his speech with “I’d like to thank the Academy…just kidding, this is the one that counts.”

Did you cringe reading that? Because I got full-on awkward chills watching it. Um Ben, I'm sorry you didn't get a nomination from the Oscars, but you still got to star and direct in a hit movie this year. Sorry I can't RSVP to your pity party, but I'm having trouble caring. Also, when another organization gives you an award, you shouldn't go with a sarcastic “this is the one that counts” comment. But that's just advice from someone who would recommend you tuck your shirt in before you step on stage and give a long rambling speech.

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