In Defense Of Ben Affleck: 5 Reasons To Get Excited About Ben As Batman

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Yesterday we discussed the possibility that the internet may have overreacted just the teeniest bit over Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman in next year's Man of Steel sequel.  Now, I'm no casting director but I admit Ben Affleck probably wouldn't have been my first choice.  Then I got to thinking about it, and I realized there are so many reasons why "#BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck" is an unfair trending topic on Twitter.  Allow me to justify:

1.) He's playing Batman, sure, but it's not even a real Batman movie.
Have we forgotten this is a crossover? We still have Henry Cavill to ogle!  This is a Superman/Batman compilation that's sure to be action-packed and visually fun… but with totally sucky dialogue and plenty of plot holes.  Relax, people.  A summer blockbuster does not an Oscar win.

2.) Matt Damon is basically guaranteed to be in this film somehow.
Wouldn't he make a wicked Jokah?  I'll be supah suh-prised if Matt Damon and/or something Boston-related doesn't make it into this film.

3.) He's come a long way from Gigli, folks.
This is an Academy Award-winning actor and director, guys.  He's married to a lovely, down-to-earth woman and hasn't made a shitty movie in a long time.  I doubt he'd sign on to something embarrassingly awful at this point in his career.

4.) He's gotta get jacked for this.
Perhaps you don't recall the rigorous training Henry Cavill went through to sculpt the most perfect body my eyes have ever beheld, but since the image is still fresh for me allow me to inform you that there's no way Ben Affleck is going to look like a schlub in this flick next to that.  Two good looking guys in tight suits? Yes please. Who's ready to objectify?

5.) Val Kilmer, anyone?
I bet you totally forgot he was Batman once.  Not to mention Michael Keaton, for crying out loud!  I bet they didn't have to deal with this kind of backlash.  Get over it.

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