After All Of The Drama, We’re Finally Getting The First Photo Of Ben Affleck As Batman

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Ben Affleck March 6 2014 Los Angeles California

After the many heart attacks had across the internet when it was announced that Ben Affleck would play Batman in the reboot of Batman vs. Superman, we're finally getting a photo of him in character. The photo is courtesy of the movie's director, Zack Snyder, and it's about damn time he threw us a bone. We've all only been sitting by with bated breath as we prepared for either a job well-done or a job well-memed from Ben. After all, for every Argo, there is a Gigli doing all that it can to stay adhered to our brain boxes.

Buttt, I have great news for fans and skeptics, alike! No matter what may or may not go wrong during the course of the movie, at least Batfleck will look fab while doing it.

Yes, I love it! I love how perfectly it embodies the ominous nature that's characteristic of Batman; I like how detailed I can already tell it is; and I'm only mildly okay with that ear situation. But, overall, I'm sold because I'm truly a sucker for a super cool costume. So, I'll just be here, counting down on my abacus for the second that the movie hits theaters. This teensy little photo has whirred up some excitement in my bones, even if I am still a little dangerously anxious that Justin Bieber may have gotten his way and weaseled into the movie somehow. Because I'm willing to tolerate those little Batman ear nubbins, but a Bieber I will not.

(Photo: WENN)