5 Facts About Bella Heathcote, Extremely Attractive Lady And Star Of Not Fade Away

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hollywood gala 3 231012The film Not Fade Away comes out today, and our editor who saw it in screenings says it's pretty awesome, so why don't you get your butt to the theater maybe. The world hasn't ended yet, and wouldn't it be nice to be relaxing in a comfy chair with your face pointed at some quality entertainment when and if it still does? I think so. As a bonus, Not Fade Away has a super hot lady in it. Like super extra uber hot. Her name is Bella Heathcote and you may remember her from the movie Dark Shadows. She was the one who got to kiss Johnny Depp. In one of her first movies. Because life isn't fair. Whether you remember her face or not, you're gonna want to sear it into your memory, because we have a sneaking suspicion that she's gonna be all over everywhere starting in 2013.

To that end, that Dark Shadows fact was a freebie, but here are five more in case you'd like to know a little more about Bella than just drooling over her in pictures. It's your call.

  1. She's a 24-year old from Sydney, Australia (specifically Melbourne) who made a name for herself starring on Neighbours, an Australian soap opera.
  2. She had a fake affair with Brad Pitt on the set of Killing Them Softly. Fake in that it didn't happen, so she wasn't aware she was having it until the tabloids reported it. Up until that point she was pretty sure she'd never met him before.
  3. As of May of this year, she was speculated to be involved with New Zealand-born director Andrew Dominik, who was also associated with Killing Them Softly. Yet another reason that her fictitious Brad Pitt affair was in incredibly poor taste.
  4. She was able to move to LA through funding from the Heath Ledger Scholarship, which is an annual award funded by the late actor's estate that sends the recipient to LA to meet with casting agents. Bella won it in 2010.
  5. She got the audition for Dark Shadows from Tim Burton seeing her picture, and once she auditioned, she received the call telling her she was cast a mere two days later. In case you're familiar with the way things usually work, that's pretty goddamn fast.

So there you go. Now you know just enough about Bella to approach her at a bar and embarrass yourself horribly. Godspeed!

(Image: FayesVision / WENN.com)