Behold: Our Favorite Celebrities Rocking White Bathing Suits

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Happy Memorial Day! What does this mean besides cookouts, fun in the sun, Monday off and beach time? It means you can “officially” wear white once again! Wait. You say you've been wearing white all year round? Shame on you! Were you raised in a barn?

Somewhere along the line white was deemed only appropriate between Memorial Day and Labor Day; after the former, you were supposed to put your whites away (after bleaching them after a long summer, of course) and move on to darker colors — black, of course, always being a safe option. While a lot of people deem this archaic fashion rule as passé, some still stick to it like white on rice.

Whether or not you wear your whites all year or for only a few months in the summer is your business (and style). I say live and let live. In honor of Memorial Day, we felt is only appropriate to present you with a gallery of our favorite celebrities in their white bathing suits.