17 Times The Cast & Crew Revealed Filming Secrets That Ruined Movie Magic

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A lot of work goes into making a movie. Between the cast and crew, a lot of effort is put in to make a film a hit with audiences. These days, you are almost always going to some form of CGI used — no matter if you're making a sci-fi epic or a biopic. But those aren't the only illusions we'll see in theaters.

We often hear behind-the-scenes filming secrets during the press tour for a film, revealed by either the actors, directors, or crew members. Sometimes these secrets make perfect sense and somehow make the movie even better. (For example, the fact that Tom Felton‘s reaction to Voldemort hugging his character, Malfoy, in the last Harry Potter was completely genuine because Ralph Fiennes didn't tell anyone he'd do it beforehand.) But other times, these backstage tidbits totally warp your perspective on the film itself! These secrets were revealed by the cast and/or crew of the film and not going to lie, they totally ruin the movie magic. How can we ever watch the 50 Shades movies again knowing what we now know?!