These Behind-The-Scenes Instagram Photos Will Make You Wish You Were Going To The Oscars Too

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Ireland Baldwin Oscars 3-2-14

Since big, exciting, fancy-pants events for regular people are limited to proms and weddings, it's always fun to escape reality and see how celebrities prep for something as monumental as the Oscars.  Living vicariously through the Instagrammed photos of people getting their hair, makeup, and manicures perfected (all the better to flip Giuliana Rancic the bird with, my pretty) can make you feel like you're a heartbeat away from going to the Oscars yourself.  (No? Just me?  Whatever.)

Kelly Osbourne, whom I can't ever decide if I like or not, does a good job of making us all feel like we're right there with her, about to giggle obnoxiously with Ross the Intern all night and exclaim over everyone's “faaaabulous” dresses.

Sadly, it looks like the bun in the back of her head is the closest Giuliana will be coming to food all night.  Okay, that was mean.  In all honesty, she provides so much fodder for me during the red carpet, I should take it easy on her.


Seeing the screaming gaggle of fans waiting to see their favorite stars makes me feel equal parts envious because I'm not there, and also a little pity for the stars who deal with screaming gaggles of fans on a regular basis.  But these people are kind of adorable and have been waiting for goodness knows how long in the rain, so bless their hearts.

This picture is probably my favorite.  I know endless hours of preparation goes into making sure everything on the red carpet runs smoothly, but I had no idea that being a hired stand-in was a real thing.  Why is this not my job?!  Being a seat-filler isn't really up my alley, but will you please look at how insanely cute this woman is?  Fabulous.

And, because anything that revolves around such a big Hollywood event can't be complete without members of the Baldwin family:

Granted, Ireland Baldwin has an actual gig hosting one of the 34058304958 red carpet shows tonight, but there's really no telling what Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria, is up to here, but I bet it has something to do with being really private and not wanting attention:

Happy Oscars Sunday, everyone!