Before This Century Is Through, Tavi Gevinson Will Have Ruled The World

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Beloved “Style Rookie” Tavi Gevinson is stepping out from her fashion world and trying her hand in some other creative areas. It makes sense that she would branch out, because although Punxsutawney Phil has yet to predict it, Tavi is going to take over the world before her life is over.

The 15-year-old fashion blogger is about to expand her resume and add both recording artist and voiceover actress to her already impressive list of accomplishments. You may not think it's a big deal to be on a first name basis with Vogue‘s Anna Wintour, but some of us just might have to disagree.

Gevinson, along with actors Kathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd, will be lending their voices to a seven-minute film titled Cadaver. The animated short was written and directed by Jonah D. Ansell and is based on a poem he wrote after a phone call from his sister who had a bit of a freak-out when she, a medical student at Northwestern, had to work on her first cadaver. Ansell shared the poem with Gevinson who has described the project as “the least sappy but most tender love story I've ever encountered.” While some might balk at a 15-year-old saying such a thing, since it's Tavi, who's quite the old soul, we'll believe every word of it.

For the film, Tavi will also be covering Neil Young‘s “Heart of Gold,” which Young personally gave the pint size wonder permission to re-record. Listen to Tavi's sweet voice and watch the trailer below. Also keep in mind that Young rarely gives permission to artists to cover any of his songs, but since it's Tavi, well you know, it's not like he was going to say no.

CADAVER – The Film – Trailer from JAMS on Vimeo.