Before She Was Famous: Lady Gaga Got a Tattoo from Kat Von D on LA Ink

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With the sadness of LA Ink‘s series finale still fresh, we can reminisce on one of its more famous customers: Lady Gaga, who visited Kat Von D‘s shop back in 2008 when she was still a struggling artist. There are two reasons you can tell that this is pre-fame: 1) The way Kat nicely asks if Gaga's “working on anything cool and interesting”; and 2) Gaga's long white-blond wig and tight blue pants.

This is one of our earliest sightings of Gaga: There was her performance in NYU's talent show when she was still going by Stefani Germanotta, and that clip of 15-year-old Stefani appearing on The Sopranos in 2001.

And what'd she get? The roses-and-vines design you see her modeling above in the “Bad Romance” video from 2010.