The CW’s Beauty and the Beast is an Interesting Take on a Classic Story

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I can’t describe the way I felt when I heard about the CW’s idea for its new show Beauty and the Beast. As a child my mom and I spent many a nights watching the ever-popular Disney movie that goes by the same title. I saw the Broadway show three different times. Too say I was obsessed would be an understatement. And as much as I love that movie, I failed to see how they could turn it into a prime-time television show that people would want to watch.

So I guess it’s a good thing this version is very different than the one I was accustomed to as a little girl. Sure there are similarities, but I doubt we’re going to happen upon singing household decorations anytime soon. No this story is set in a world much closer to reality than that. In the show we are introduced to ivy-league educated Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) who’s life is turned upside down when she witnesses the assassination of her mother at the hands of two heavily armed men.

She narrowly escapes becoming a victim herself, and is convinced that some sort of beast saved her. Now since she lives in the real world, therapists have convinced her this was just post-traumatic stress disorder. But she’s always wondered if what she saw that night was real.

We fast-forward a couple of years to discover that the once law school bound Catherine decided to forgo a lucrative career as an attorney to become a police detective instead. This is a choice she likely made as a result of her mother’s murder, which no one has ever been able to solve. On her latest case, she gets a big lead when the lab uncovers a bizarre hair sample that matches one left at her mother’s crime scene.

This, of course, leads to her discovering Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) an ex-member of the military who’d been presumed dead. But he isn’t dead, he’s just hiding from the world because of a government experiment that turned him into a superhuman beast. He’s the person who saved Catherine from the men who killed her mother, and now that she’s finally found him she’s hoping to get some answers.

I think the story has some potential, but I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for anything crime or mystery related. I’m not sure what the public opinion is going to be about this show. Most of the time people hate it when networks try to redo a classic.

And even though this is such a different take, I’m not sure if that will make people love it or hate it. I’m definitely in the middle right now. I thought that the melodramatic narrations throughout the episode were a little much, and the ending scene where Keller is watching Catherine from the rooftop across the way was a little creepy to me. Nevertheless, these minor missteps wouldn’t stop me from watching another episode. I’d like to see where writers are going to take this story.

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