The 5 Funniest Kardashian And Pippa Middleton Moments From Barbara Walters’ The 10 Most Fascinating People Of 2011

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I usually don't watch Barbara Walters‘ end-of-the-year special The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 because I figure that as an entertainment blogger I already know. And I was right; there were no surprises as to who she put on her list (though Derek Jeter seemed to be stretching it).

However, last night gave me reason enough to tune in for 2012's list: Barbara herself, who doesn't take this nearly as seriously as I expected. She knows that this year especially she's sitting down with celebrities who got famous because of sex tapes or Twitpics, not because of any discernible talent.

And because it's not a hard-hitting news report, the people profiled seem more relaxed and willing to joke around with the View co-host, leading to these funny bits.

5. Kardashians kidding themselves: Barbara doesn't mince words; the first thing she says to the Kardashian ladies is, “You don't have any talent.” Kim is quick to counter, “But we're still entertaining people.” In fact, we may have touched upon Kim's problem; she adds that people fall in love with her and her family, which is so not true. (And yet, didn't she admit that part of the reason things didn't work out with husband Kris Humphries is because she falls in and out of love easily?)

4. The best transition ever: Even though she first became a news sensation several years ago, Amanda Knox made Barbara's list because of her acquittal and release this year. But possibly knowing that we wanted to go to the scandal makers of 2011, Barbara quickly moved on to the next person. However, we couldn't help laughing at this transition: “While we're on the subject of young women who took the world by storm…” Especially since it led to Pippa Middleton and her famous ass.

3. Katy Perry's sexual orientation: I can't believe that this exchange really happened, because of how deadpan it was. After chatting with Katy about her parents' wild lives before their children's religious upbringing — who knew her mom once dated Jimi Hendrix? — Barbara brought up Katy's first scandalous song, “I Kissed A Girl”:

Barbara: Did you kiss a girl?

Katy: I did.

Barbara (straight-faced): Did you like it?

It was pretty similar to when she asked Lady Gaga about her sexual orientation in 2009, but so much funnier.

2. Pippa is MIA: The question wasn't whether Pippa Middleton would make her way onto this list, but if she would actually sit down for an interview with Barbara. After all, she got access to Simon Cowell and Derek Jeter. But it was not to be: Instead we got a rehash of the Pippa craziness that started with the Royal Wedding in April, and some video of her fending off the paparazzi. But, Barbara is sure to add, “Pippa only smiles, and never speaks.”

Later, when introducing Steve Jobs as the most fascinating person of the year, Barbara concedes that they weren't able to get an interview, even though they had him pegged as their #1 back when he retired from Apple. Usually being included on the list requires a sit-down, but “rules were made to be broken,” she rationalized briskly before moving on. As if that hadn't just happened with Pippa.

1. Kris Jenner's favorite: The Kardashian ladies certainly know their way around who's who in the family. Then again, Barbara's questions were laughably easy to figure out: The book-smart one is Kourtney, the street-smart one is Khloe, and the conceited one is Kim (by her own admission). Then Barbara asked which girl was Kris' favorite, to which all of the sisters answered, “Kim.”

Kris demurred that she really couldn't choose, but then Khloe added, “Whoever gives her the most percentage rates at the moment, is her favorite.” We knew there was a reason we loved Khloe!

Here's the entire Kardashian interview, for your viewing pleasure: