Barbara Evans Makes Up For Her Awful Voice By Forcing Jenelle To Go To Rehab After She Catches Her Shooting Up

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Barbara Evans sends Jenelle to rehab heroin addiction shooting up TwitterLast week, Jenelle Evans‘ ex-roommate Allison Lester claimed that the Teen Mom 2 star had graduated from marijuana to heroin. And while we had only her tell-all tweets to go by, now Jenelle's sister Ashleigh seems to be corroborating those claims with the revelation that Jenelle spent some time in rehab right after Thanksgiving.

Ashleigh's interview is with Star, so take this with a grain of salt. But she claims that their mother Barbara Evans stepped in and send Jenelle's ass to rehab after she discovered the extent of her daughter's drug habit. “My mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin,” Ashleigh said, “when she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up.” From there, Barbara had Jenelle committed to a mental health facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

I hope this is true, because I would be so proud of Barbara! Even though it's clear that she and Jenelle don't know how to communicate without just egging each other on, I feel like since I started watching Teen Mom 2 I've seen Barbara stand up for herself more. Not that Jenelle every intimidated her with her screechy “God, Mom, stop!” pleas, but more like Barbara would just get fed up and end the argument.

But in the past few episodes, it's become clear that Barbara is fed up and unwilling to watch Jenelle be like this anymore, if only for the sake of her son (and Babs' grandson) Jace. When Jenelle wound up in jail a few episodes ago and called Barbara expecting bail, her mother calmly told her that she needed to stay put and think about what she did. Snap! That was filmed months ago, but it sounds like Barbara has kept up her stance of no longer tolerating Jenelle's bullshit.

Yeah, if this is true, then it makes me respect Barbara as a lot more than just “Jenelle's mom with the shudder-inducing voice.” There's a reason why she has a parody Twitter account that went viral.

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