Video: Jenelle Evans Does A Pitch-Perfect Impression Of Mom Barbara’s Accent

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Isn't it always the case that on a reality show, the main “characters” looking for exposure just get disdained, and the real fan followings sprout up around the supporting characters? That's the case with Teen Mom 2: We're so tired of Jenelle Evans breaking probation over and over, but her mom Barbara Evans has become a cult figure among fans.

Her propensity to scream at her daughter in her thick accent has inspired this meme:

Barbara Evans meme I see you wif Kieffah

Not to mention a hilarious Twitter account that Jenelle herself will occasionally tweet at. Further showing that she's in on the joke, Jenelle posted this video of her imitating her mom. She wrote, “Impression of my mom. No one can do it like i do. :] I know her best.” If by “know her best,” you mean that you've had scary screaming matches with her in this past season of Teen Mom 2, then yes, you're the authority.

Fake-Barbara even responded, tweeting to Jenelle last night, they say imitation is tha greatest form a flattery!! Now I'm gonna hafta make a video for yah of things yah alwhays sayin!

Watching this video is bittersweet, to know that Jenelle can relax and be self-deprecating, now that she's mired in legal troubles yet again. On Monday she turned herself in to the police after her former boss James Duffy filed cyberstalking charges against her. She made bail easily, but later in the day yesterday she tweeted, Bye bye twitter for a month 🙁 Since Duffy's charges were that she was badmouthing him on social media, it's not surprising that she would decide to keep a low profile until after their court date on March 23rd.