In The Mood To Throw Up Your Breakfast? Watch Bar Rafaeli’s GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial

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bar rafaeli super bowl godaddy

Crank your volume up for maximum yak-effect kids, because GoDaddy.com Super Bowl commercials are nothing without the sound effects. In case anyone missed it last night, GoDaddy strayed from its bread and butter (straight up naked women), and ventured into the unknown with this gem. The unknown being Numero Uno on Maxim's Hot List Bar Rafaeli mackin' on a chubby “nerd” with possible psoriasis. Yeah, we're talking really unknown. Granted, I'm not against hot girl-nerd hook ups, but GoDaddy really went above and beyond with the sickeningly amplified lip smacking which both fascinates and appalls. Excited yet? I am!

While my initial reaction to this horrifying display was “How many takes did they need such that Bar managed to keep her morning kale smoothie down?” research reveals she was actually like, super excited to make out with good old Walt.

She said: “I actually had this very strange dream that all my friends know about. I always wanted to go to a club… look around, choose the one guy it's most unlikely that I'll ever kiss … and kiss him in front of everyone, so he will be happy and he'll remember it for the rest of the week. GoDaddy made my dream come true.”

Unfortunately, Bar couldn't manage to keep up that facade all the way through 65 takes (that's actually how many there were), and allowed her face to relax into its natural state just for a fleeting moment of truth. It's hard to even capture in a still it's so brief, but trust me, she cracks. See that slight downturn of the mouth? That's the beginnings of a scowl ladies and gentlemen. Couldn't keep up that facade for too long there ey Bar? Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 3.53.26 PM

Poor, sweet, innocent Walter. Actually, poor sweet innocent America.

Still: Go Daddy