Poll: Do You Think The Banned Shame Poster Is Too Graphic?

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banned Hungarian Shame poster semen

Most of Shame‘s ad campaign has been posters of star Michael Fassbender lying in bed wallowing in quiet anguish; subtler variations just show the crumpled sheets after an illicit hook-up. But you've got to give kudos to Fox Searchlight for upping the ante on this international poster. It's sort of NSFW, but you've already seen it and your eyes haven't burned out, right?

Well, here's a surprise: Hungary has banned the poster. At least, it's a surprise to me; I've always assumed that Europe has a much healthier attitude toward sex than prudish America. Yes, it's fairly graphic — that's Brandon's semen on some anonymous girl's back — but it also encapsulate's the movie's dark narrative better than the rumpled bedsheets do. Because here's the actual evidence of Brandon's addiction.

I'm not saying that it should be hung up at cinemas that play kids' movies, but I didn't think the country would wholeheartedly ban it, either.

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