Beyonce Wants Us To Ban The Word ‘Bossy’ Because It Stops Girls From Being Badasses

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Beyonce in ban bossy PSA March 2014I know it's not even noon on a Monday morning yet, but it's already time to stand up and give Beyonce a standing ovation.

Yeah that's right — all you've done this morning is slog in to work and squint at your computer screen while you wait for your coffee to cool down enough to get poured straight down your gullet. I know it. Don't try to deny in. But while you're struggling with those simple tasks, know that Beyonce has already put her power behind a feminist movement designed to encourage young girls to be total badasses. Just to put things in perspective.

She has teamed up with The Girl Scouts Of The USA, LeanIn.org, and Lifetime television to create a PSA with other high-profile women like Jennifer GarnerJane Lynch, Condoleezza Rice, and Diane von Furstenburg to ban the word ‘bossy'. Why? Because along with words like ‘pushy' and ‘stubborn', it tends to be applied to young girls who are driven or opinionated, whereas boys who exhibit the same traits are referred to as ‘leaders'. It's the kind of labeling that results in girls being less interested in leadership roles than boys by the time we reach middle school, which has far-reaching implications for the rest of our lives.

Just think! If no one had criticized me for being stubborn and bossy when I was younger (which 100% happened), I could be Solange Knowles right now. I'm pretty sure that's how feminism works, right? — if you do it correctly, you get to be family members with Beyonce.

If you want to contribute, sign the petition to ban the word ‘bossy' at banbossy.com, and take Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's advice too, while you're at it:

“We need to recognize the many ways we systematically discourage leadership in girls from a young age – and instead, we need to encourage them. So the next time you have the urge to call your little girl bossy? Take a deep breath and praise her leadership skills instead.”

I'm so behind this idea that I'm not even gonna wait to have kids myself to start using it. I'm just gonna walk up to rando kids on the street and empower them.