9 TV Shows We Can’t Believe People Are Still Watching

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Once Upon a Time my happy ending


Do you ever see a promo for the new episode of a TV show and go, “Wait, that show's still on? And people are still watching it?” It might be a show you used to watch but gave up on long ago, or it might be something your friends gave up on, or it might just be something you can tell has run its course or jumped the shark. They're shows that started out good or interesting or just plain decent, but you can't imagine the same people who liked them at the beginning sticking around this long.

I'm here to outline a few examples I've noticed, and pose the question: Who is watching these shows? Don't be shy, show yourselves! Are you all ghosts or something? That's totally cool, I'm fine with ghosts.

1. Once Upon a Time

The season three finale of this show is airing this Sunday, and I'm frankly shocked it still has a fanbase. I watched the first season and tried to get into the second season, but it just was not working for me. It started to feel like a big advertisement for Disney, and the characters became intolerable. It just wasn't the same charming show anymore.

2. Glee

Okay seriously, guys. Are you really still watching this? Voluntarily, not as part of some Clockwork Orange style torture. I was totally on board the Glee boat in the first season, because it was actually a really fun show. But then it turned into a big after school special and I couldn't do it anymore. The fact that anyone who enjoyed it at the beginning can genuinely enjoy it now is amazing to me.

3. New Girl

I used to think this show was adorkable and hilarious, and I never missed an episode. Then Nick and Jess got together and Coach came back, and suddenly watching it felt like a chore. It's become a classic example of why you shouldn't get couples together so early in the series.

4. Revenge

I used to enjoy this show for its soapy style, but then that soapy style became a little bit too… well, soapy. And really, how many seasons does it take to get revenge on someone? I mean honestly.

5. The Walking Dead

I'll be honest and say I watched this one out of obligation until pretty recently, but then I lost the will to continue. For one, it's lost its shock value almost entirely. Yep, there are zombies. They try to eat people. The people have to kill them. Oh look, there's another walker. I'm the opposite of scared.

6. Scandal

I never got around to binge-watching this show like I intended back when everyone was begging me to catch up, and now it looks like I made the right decision, because opinion seems to have shifted very quickly. Suddenly things went from “OMG it's such an addictive show, you have to watch!” to “Yeah, that show's going downhill, don't bother.” WHICH IS IT?

7. Modern Family

Not only is this show still on and getting good ratings, but it's also getting nominated for any winning awards. I was just like everyone else in the beginning and loved it. And I still turn it on every now and then if there's nothing better on. It just doesn't feel like the same show anymore, yet the obsession doesn't seem to have died down.

8. Nashville

Another one I don't personally watch, but my comrades have told me it's gotten worse. It used to be one of those shows like Scandal that people were begging me to watch, but now not so much. This one might actually be canceled, in which case you ghosts won't be watching it for much longer.

9. Grey's Anatomy

Let's take a moment and look at how many ABC shows are on this list. I swear it wasn't intentional, and there are ABC shows that I love, but why are so many shows on that network cursed to turn sour after a few seasons? Or in the case of Grey's Anatomy, TEN seasons. I've never watched this show, so correct me if I'm wrong, but does every episode involve some sort of plane crash? Because that's my takeaway.