12 Once-Good TV Shows That It’s Time To Start Deleting Off Your DVR

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There comes a time in every television show's life when it needs to be off the air. It's not a tragedy, it's just a natural thing that happens to every show, like starting its period or getting barmitzvah-ed. But unfortunately, since we live in a world where the parents of the people in charge of these shows rewarded every single thing they ever did, sometimes there's quite a bit of lag time between when a show should go off the air and when it does go off the air. Sorry about that.

And during this time, we as audiences don't want to break our routine either, so we sit in front of the TV every week out of habit, minds wandering as we absorb the ever-more idiotic plot twists and wish we had something better to do. Well, spoiler alert! You do have something better to do, I promise you. You have lots of better things to do, and the first one is clearing out your DVR of all the old shows you feel obligated to watch at some point, but keep putting off because you're not looking forward to it.

It's an intimidating, overwhelming process, and we know that…which is why we've picked ten once-good shows to get you started. These are shows that started out awesome and then lost their momentum. We're hoping this is the kick you need to get them out of your life so you can make room for something new and interesting. Like maybe more gym time, or a hobby, or…yeah, let's face it — more TV.

1. The Mindy Project


Let's quit lying to ourselves. I stopped watching this in the first season season, in fact, but every few weeks someone would ask me if I'd seen the last episode, so I let them build up on my DVR. Kill it, squash it, let it go — the show has no stakes, so you'll never be more invested than you are(n't) right now.

2. Nashville

This was a go-to for me in season one, but these days, they cram so much into a single episode that even watching it is exhausting. And with every passing week it gets more like a soap opera.

3. Modern Family

This show still has solid writing, but I'm pretty sure they ran out of scenarios a few seasons ago, so they're just running back through them now. Also those kids are only getting older and less precious, it's just a fact of life.

4. Scandal

I can't speak to this, because I'm currently (and happily) ensconced in season two on Netflix, but I'm told that in Season 3, the show's already tenuous grasp on reality snaps entirely. Which is saying a lot for a show based on the premise that the president is having an affair with Kerry Washington that everyone is totally a-okay with.

5. Parks and Recreation

I'm sorry to say, but Parks and Rec just isn't what it used to be. The writing started out top-notch, and the relationship between Adam Scott and Amy Poehler was always worth tuning in for, but now that everything's wrapped up and they've lost a ton of writers to other shows, it leaves a lot to be desired.

6. Homeland

This one is tough to write about, because I haven't seen the show but still plan to, so I'm resolutely against spoilers. All Jenni can tell me without incurring my wrath is that ‘the plot of the show is not going well', and she's starting to regret watching it. So let's just all delete it from our DVRs on spec, yeah? You guys trust me that much, I'm sure of it.

7. Revenge

Don't even bother catching up on the end of last season, because this one went bad just slightly after the halfway point of season one. It had potential when compared with all of last year's pilots, but it fell fast and that sound you hear is it scraping rock bottom.

8. Once Upon A Time

I think part of what made this show so exciting at first was how creative, original, and innovative it was. But now that there have been so many spinoffs and different takes on it that it's kind of lost its luster. Plus, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are gonna be together forever in real life, why should you have to watch them be together forever on TV as well?

9. New Girl

Just admit that they jumped the shark when they had Jess kiss Nick. She doesn't get to be awkward anymore hardly, and they're so annoying together that it makes me not care about them and consequently not like the show. Sorry bros. (Lots of bros watch this show, right?)

10. Glee

Thankfully, Glee is finally getting canceled, and only five seasons too late. Never has a show with so much potential fallen so hard, as far as I'm concerned. I remember everyone was obsessed with this show season one, and all of a sudden, halfway through season two, everyone admitted it was garbage and gave up on it at the same time. I don't care if you still like the music — let it goooooo.

11. Smash

You're not still watching Smash, are you? Tell me you're not still watching Smash.

12. Pretty Little Liars

I don't want to give too much away, but the way they revealed who A was was so silly that it put me off of this show for the rest of my born days. So dumb. So so dumb.