There’s A New Spider Man Bad Lip Reading Video Out, I’m Immediately Obsessed

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Bad Lip Reading The Amazing Spider ManWelp, there's a new Bad Lip Reading video out, so if you need me, I'll just be here hunched over my keyboard laughing at Andrew Garfield freestyle rapping at his real-life girlfriend Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider Man. Seriously someone needs to find out who is behind these nuggets of genius and point him or her out to me so I can buy them the moon on a string and constantly be picnicking in a meadow with woodland creatures. Or just fall madly in love and live together in a trendy Brooklyn one-bedroom. I'm not choosy.

The NFL Bad Lip Reading still lives on as my favorite (her whole floor was beanbags!), but this one is making pretty good moves. It keeps its focus on just Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, so we get to watch their story arc as they meet over gentle talk of menstrual cramps, then move on to flirting over free-styling, which is getting really sexy and stuff until Peter accidentally brings up Gwen's wooden leg. Spoiler alert, Peter can smell it, and it's bad enough that he has to barf over the edge of a building about it. Things seem like they're over between them when Peter eats both Gwen's pets, Ruffles the pig and Mr. Peaches the feathered chicken, but luckily Emma and Andrew are still together in real life, so they can't have been that important to her. Plus they have a dog now, so let's let bygones be bygones, am I right?

But regardless, please enjoy this and every Bad Lip Reading video before you go to bed tonight. You'll thank me in the morning.