I’ll Give You No Context, Just Know That Jennifer Lawrence Says She Put Taylor Swift In A Coffin

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Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings Playbook

It's getting increasingly awkward that we haven't just switched our site name from Crushable.com to JenniferLawrenceBeMyBestFriend.gov. Like, I'll put that on the table. We're well aware that we're writing about Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence a lot lately. It's just so hard not to when she keeps doing things that make us want to write about them.

Take this newest Bad Lip Reading for the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards: Best Screenplay Nominees for example. She wasn't directly involved in the making of it, but she stars in the best part. So we couldn't not share it with you. Is that cool? Or does that make you uncomfortable? I'm having more and more moments where I'm starting to realize that my Jennifer Lawrence obsession is shared by so many people that it's unhealthy. It's like we're the new generation of cat ladies. Except instead of talking about our fave felines, we're just passing GIFs back and forth. Anyway, that's just a little food for thought. A little tale to take to your therapist.

Today we're here to talk about this Bad Lip Reading video and how it's insanely hilarious. They kick it off with a scene from Silver Linings Playbook that stars J.Law and Brad Coop. It's the big diner dinner date scene that's already pretty funny in the movie. Uncomfortably funny, but still funny. The magicians who make these videos turned it into a scene about Jennifer Lawrence keeping Taylor Swift in a coffin because she's a firewalker. I'll say no more. Just watch it.