13 Actors With Bad Tattoos, Ranked by How Much They’re Going to Regret Them

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Ryan Gosling Only God Forgives Screening July 16 2013 New York City NY

Tattoos are great. You can use them to show off your individuality, as a little memento of something or someone special, or that you make really bad choices. The thing that sucks about making a terrible choice when it comes to tattoos is that you either live with that choice forever or undergo painful and expensive laser removal. Just those two options.

But, you know what? There's a bright side to all of this. Because celebrities aren't exempt from getting WTF tattoos, there are a whole bunch of celebrities wearing their regret on their sleeves. Or, more specifically, on their skin, for everyone to see and make lists about, like this one!

So let's play a little game called Wow, Your Tattoo Sucks, Actor Edition, where we shake our heads and wonder how these bad tattoos ever seemed like a good idea.

(Photo: C. Smith/WENN)

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