Backstreet Boys “Bigger” Music Video

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The Backstreet Boys have released the music video for their newest track “Bigger.” The track is the second released single off of their new album, This Is Us, following their single, “Straight Through My Heart.” It was co-written and produced by super producer, Max Martin who also had a hand in their hit “I Want It That Way.”

The music video for this song was recorded while they were in Tokyo, Japan. This must have been filmed just a little while after he was diagnosed with H1N1, or the Swine Flu. They’ll be swinging by Japan again early in 2010 for some performances as part of their This Is It tour.

Again, I wasn’t a fan of “Straight Through My Heart” and I am not in love with this either. I just find this too…syrupy? If that makes any sense. What do you guys think?