What Going Back To School Is Like, According To Movies

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Justin Bartha Confused


Every person who is reading this right now has probably had their fair share of back to school experiences (because, usually, it's against the law to not go to school). But when you reach a certain age and point in your filmmaking career, memories of those experiences vanish and you're left to kind of make it up as you go along. That's really just a theory, but, every time that I watch a movie that is set in a school, I think it might be pretty close to the actual truth.

Honestly, how many times have you been watching a movie and been like, “wait, is this a school or is this the Google headquarters?” Or Narnia, or any place that is more eventful and cool than a school is. I know you have, there's no need to deny the truth. So, in honor of the beginning of a brand new school year, here are some of the craziest movie ideas of what goes on at school.

*Crowd cheering*

Ferris Beuller's Day Off Thinks School Is Optional

Ferris Bueller's Day Off How Could I


Well, first off, you're going to get to decide if you even want to go back to school, like Ferris. Although I do think that everyone would enjoy it much better if you did go. Your parents and future you will be very glad that you did.

Mean Girls Thinks That Cliques Run Entire Schools

Mean Girls Regina Gretchen Karen


Once you get there, you will likely be absorbed by an all-powerful clique who decides the color scheme of your outfits. Don't fight it, there is nothing you can do now. You are already absorbed and resisting will only strain your muscles.

Charlie Bartlett Thinks That You'll Make All The Friends In One Day

Charlie Bartlett High School


If Charlie Bartlett, the most un-public-school student in all of history, can show up at a public high school one day and befriend the entire school within a week, you can do anything you put your mind to. Like drive your principal to drunkenly point a firearm at you above a pool because you're dating his daughter! (That's what he did.)

The Craft Thinks That You'll Have Fun Levitation Parties, And The Like

The Craft Levitate


Let me just say that this movie messed with my head so much as a kid. Like, I know that it it's fiction, but how insane was that shower baldness scene?

P.S. – Do real schools have giant shower-rooms for their students to use or is that a creation of Hollywood? Because this movie made me believe that this would be way more commonplace than it actually was.

High School Musical Thinks That You'll Become A Professional Dancer 

High School Musical Basketball


When someone starts talking about this movie, the first thing that you think of might be Zac Efron's fab bowl cut. But the second thing is no doubt the fact that this was a high school strictly for the rhythmically talented. And, if you weren't that way going in, you were going to be going out. That's what all real school is like, right?

Bring It On Thinks You'll Participate In Very Intense School Rivalries 

Bring It On I'm EverythingYou're Not


This is basically the way life goes: if you go to a school, that school will have a rival, and you will fight them with all your might to win the title of More Awesome School. Hope you're super invested in your school's reputation because you've got some cheers to steal.

If your school year is anything like these movies think it will be, you'll have quite a few stories to tell next June. I'd recommend you buy a video camera so that people will believe you when you tell them that these things don't exclusively happen in films.