Bachelors Beauty Melissa Rycrofts Turn!

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I'm a strong believer in the saying ‘everything happens for a reason'. It is an awful saying to hear when its your turn to hear it because all you want to do is scream at the person and say well this IS meant to be so why ISN”T it then! However you don't know at the time, but you eventually see that it is true. Everything happens for a reason. It always takes a bit of time to realize it, but eventually you will believe it. I bet this is the case with Melissa Rycroft who got dumped on national television by Bachelor Jason Mesnick. She must have been so hurt and I bet somewhere along the way someone must have said to her ‘everything happens for a reason'. She probably didn't believe it back then, but she can now because Melissa is engaged to gorgeous Tye Stickland. Now this one's a looker!


Image: Bauer-Griffin

After having her heart broken it is nice to see that Melissa will have her happy ending. Tye popped the question last Friday at White's Chapel in Southlake, Texas, where they then celebrated with his and Rycroft's parents says shares eonline.

Rycroft and Strickland have been good friends for a long while however Tye says that the timing was never on their side. The couple started dating not long after Mesnick broke off the engagement and obviously looks like things went well! They look great together and I'm very happy that Melissa found someone to make her happy.